Monday, October 1, 2012

Lucy has some 'splaining to do..

Good Morning Ladies..  If any of you are still here Bless you!
I thought I would explain where in  the world I have been..
Well, a few days after my last post way back in December...
Goodness time does fly..Anyway.. The 29th of December 2011
I had a heart attack ( I thought I was  a healthy 43 yr. old) and had a stent put in and such..  So needless to say it was a rough year.. But My Meds are working pretty good for me now along with diet and exercise..  I
am actually more lively than ever!  I truly am grateful for each day!!  So..I am ready to try this blogging thing again.. wish me luck!    Have a great day, Tina

Monday, December 5, 2011

heaven and nature sing

I am finally getting some decorating started around here.. I love all the nature inspired decorations out there in blogland so I thought I would see what I could come up with... 
 a little in the kitchen too..

I'm still  playing around with it all just thought I'd give a sneak peek... more to come..
Have a great evening, 

Monday, October 10, 2011

slim but sweet pickin's

I only found a couple of things this weekend.. This birdcage is huge.. of course he will be painted white!!

and my favorite find is this lovely old ladder!!  The glasses are part of my previous post "pickin' at the pool"
I will be using these cuties for my Thanksgiving table!!
. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed afternoon!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my little bit of fall

finally got in a little fall decorating:
on the buffett

and the dining room
and a little in living room too.  this is my 1$ shutter doors I turned into a chalkboard.. not too shabby huh?
Have a great evening!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

relaxing and picking ... poolside

good mornin' folks, thanks for sticking with me..  I think I am getting  into the groove of the things around here?.. finally right? the pics are from last weekends visit with my sis, we were relaxing by the pool and her hubby say's their may be some things in the shed I may want for the booth, so I walked calmly (RAN) to the shed.. I think my favorite thing was the old egg crate... H e found a permanent spot in my kitchen.. anyway, I picked up several things out of this little bitty old shed... however... he has a HUGE barn i'm dying to dig around in..I will let you know  if.... when i do.. have a great afternoon:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

busy busy busy

Well, I haven't started out blogging very well have I now?  I have just been sooo bust getting the booth going
taking care of the house,  blah blah blah...well ya'll know what I mean.. Just bear with me a little longer.. I have been taking photo's along the way so I will have some up soon... Have a great day, Tina